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Exciting Year Ahead

Highlights of 2015
Our members reached impressive milestones in 2015, here are few highlights:
  • Jon Steinthe founder of the smarter investing service, Betterment, shares 11 useful financial advice which he has learned during his earlier career in advising banks and brokers as well as during the successful journey of Betterment.
  • The WeWork founders, Adam Neumann & Miguel McKelvey, give clear insight into how and why their company grew from 0 to 22 NYC locations in a short time.
  • Boundless very recently raised more than $5 million in a series B funding round led by Motorola Solutions Venture Capital. 
  • Reelio, the successful influencers marketplace, recently launched a new interesting division called Reelio Cares, which connect digital influencers with nonprofits and corporate brands.
  • The team at Eyeview should be more than proud by this year rankings: #9 nationwide and #2 tristate on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500™. 
  • Social analytics enterprise SumAll recently announced a new service to help social media performance and ROI. 
  • The co-founder and chief designer of Behance, Matias Corea, tells his story in how to build a thriving home for creatives.
  • Jose de Cabo, co-founder of Olapic, talks about the digital world & how brands can build a stronger connection with their customers via social media. 
  • If you are based in San Fransisco and like to eat, you should check out Resy. Resy is a reservation system recently launched in the bay area, they already have some of the biggest restaurants on board. 
  • Noa Santos, co-founder of Homepolish, (which might be your new favorite interior designer) answers 15 questions about how his idea went from a dream to reality, inspiration sources & career choices. 
  • It has been an exciting year for Yext. Recently the company won Street Fight's Local Visionary Award. Congrats to the team at Yext & to founder Howard Lerman. 
  • Sqrrl, a security intelligence company which enables organizations to target and disrupt advanced cyber threats, has been selected as a Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) 16 Innovator.

Venwise has been growing, and 2015 was a watershed year for us. Highlights have been our expansion into SF & Chicago, the Chapter Dinner, and our summits. Fortune Magazine mentioned Venwise in an article about the rise of CEO support groups which acknowledged the importance of having a reliable support system.

Upcoming Happenings
We are currently organizing a summit with our friends at Amazon Web Services in Boston. For those of you who have technical team members in Boston who might be interested please email
Venwise in 2016
This year we continue to be a focused group. Our stated mission is to become a valuable resource for our member companies, and this year we have plans to continue our pursuit of becoming that resource for current and new members. We currently offer 5 services to our membership, of which 3 are available to anyone on member company teams. We are constantly looking for ways to improve on the current offering, and we have a few more services up our sleeves that we'll begin to test this year. 

To kick of the year we're excited to host our first summit outside of NYC. We've just announced an AWS Roadmap Summit in Boston. This is the 4th time we've partnered with AWS to open up the roadmap beyond what is currently available to the market. AWS are great partners for us and Venwise tech leaders always get a ton from these summits.

2016 is shaping up to be an extremely productive year where our diverse community of  talented members and leaders continues to grow and share their lessons learned from building their companies. 
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