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Forecasting Summit Jan 17 @ Axial

Venwise CTO pod member Matt Story has been developing tools to help Axial forecast. On January 17th, Matt introduced us to some of these tools and how he has used predictability to optimize the performance of his team.

“Predictability is a choice”

- Matt Story

Matt’s presentation centered around optimizing for predictability rather than speed.

StackPM is a tool that Matt developed to passively collect and organize forecasting data. The software creates reliable confidence intervals for when a given item is likely be completed. These estimations are divided into categories based on the size of the project, unique to individual employees based on their history, and can adjust for various factors that might affect the time it takes to complete the task at hand.

By setting clear and attainable goals, allowing employees to estimate the amount of time their own work will take, using value and effort estimations to prioritize tasks, and rewarding consistency rather than accuracy, Matt showed us how StackPM has helped Axial increase both predictability and speed.

Venwise members then shared some of their thoughts about the topic and talked about some of the practices they employ in their own organizations to increase predictability.

see Matt’s full powerpoint presentation here.

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