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Technology and the People Side: Building a Tech Team

The People Side is a New York Meet-up group for discussing the people side of startups. This month’s talk, Technology and the People Side: Building a Tech Team, was with Liz Crawford, CTO of Birchbox. The event was hosted atAppNexus’s auditorium, and organized by Joaquin V. Roca.

The conversation was centered around how to build a tech team in a high-growth startup. One of the most important pieces to this question lies in the importance of building a company culture and being willing to put in communication times with all members of the team. The interview was thoughtfully put together and it was wonderful to hear how much care Liz puts into creating a satisfying working environment for her tech team.

As a leader, it is important to think about culture, scaling, communication, conflict, feedback and stress as the startup starts, grows and begins to thrive. If you are interested in learning the best practices out there, we definitely recommend checking out more of the Meet-ups that The People Side put together!

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