Who: 8-15 Venwise members (and their team members, as appropriate), and an expert contributor.

What: A moderated roundtable where we identify best practices for topics chosen by our members.

When: March 2016

Where: A boardroom table in Boston

Why: We always have conversations on best practices. It’s time to make those best practices available to the community.

We choose the topics based on member input.

Our Next Topic: AWS Roadmaps in Boston

Our friends at Amazon Web Services will share roadmaps of some of their most popular products with Venwise members' technical teams.

Past Summits:
  • Scaling HR
  • Data Security
  • Financial Strategy: Preparing for an Exit
  • Scaling and Culture
  • Tech Hiring
  • AWS Roadmap discussion w/PMs of various services
  • Optimizing Banking Services and Mitigating risk
  • Optimizing Amazon Web Services
  • Building a culture that scales
  • Forecasting with accuracy
  • Managing with KPIs
  • Using and transitioning to AngularJS
  • Being an effective tech lead
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